Birthday Cakes – Adult & Big Kid’s Novelty

Shaped cakes are very popular amongst the young and old alike. Your favourite cartoon character, hobby, sport or animal can be converted into the perfect cake for any occasion.

Any of these designs can be replicated or adapted to suit your own birthday theme or we can create a completely original design to match your needs. 

COVID-19 Statement

Here at Bryson’s, we have always put the safety of our staff and customers at the forefront of all our operating procedures. Never has this been at the forefront of our minds and efforts than in these current unprecedented times.

In order to protect our employees and customers against the risks associated with Covid-19,  we have undertaken a risk assessment of all areas of our business.  These assessments were undertaken in order to provide guidance and implementation of procedures with Bryson’s for managing the Covid-19 risk to protect the health of employees and customers using good manufacturing processes, current Government Guidelines and industry best practice.

Please read our statement on how we have put this into action and the procedures we have implemented.