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Traditional Wedding Cakes

The selection of wedding cakes shown here range from very simple stacked cakes to more elaborate designs.

We have shown examples of customers’ cakes varying from hand-made sugar flowers to fresh flowers which complimented the bridal bouquet.

Any of these designs can be replicated or adapted to suit your own wedding theme and colour or we can create a completely original design to match your needs. All our cakes can be made from Finest Moist Fruit Cake, Light Sponge with jam and cream filling, Rich Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cake, Carrot Cake or a combination of all of them!

Floral Cascade

Elegant stacked wedding cake, available in Finest Fruit or Light Sponge. All floral sprays are handcrafted out of sugarpaste, and can be adapted to match the colour of your wedding theme. This works just as well with a round cake as it does with square

Cream Lillies

Simple Ivory

Hand Piping


Three tiers, in either light sponge or traditional Finest Fruit, displayed on glass pillars and decorated with lillies hand-crafted from sugar paste


Traditional Draped

Three or four tier stacked wedding cake, with sugar paste draping, flowers and butterflies.  This style can be adapted to any wedding colour or theme, and can be made sponge, fruit or combination of the two.

Red Roses

A three tier cake is elegantly stacked and adorned with hand-made sugar paste roses for a beautiful effect. The colour scheme and flower can be changed to tie in with your overall colour scheme or bridal bouquet.

Springtime – Three Tier Cake

An elegant three tiered stacked wedding cake with clean lines. The middle tier is of a varying shape (in this case a teardrop) with hand finished beading for added interest.

Hand made sugar sprays are tucked in between the tiers in colours to match the bridal bouquet. This would obviously work with many different combinations of flowers and colour schemes. This particular customer wanted a simple floral design but more elaborate arrangements would work just as well.

Three tiers, flowers supplied by customer

Finest Fruit £315
Sponge cake £290

Three tiers, with hand made sugar-paste sprays

Finest Fruit £385
Sponge Cake £360

To Have & To Hold

Two of the tiers are stacked, with a gold cherub holding up the third tier for extra height and added impact.

This cakes, in finest fruit or sponge cake, are covered in champagne sugar paste and “to have and to hold” is hand piped in gold all the way round. The golden flower spray and trailing ivy are added to give a decadent feel.

Classic Stacked

Classic stacked wedding cake design in either finest fruit cake, sponge cake or a combination of the two.

The design can be completed with either fresh or sugar paste flowers to match your weddding theme. A classic design which never goes out of fashion. Sugar paste flowers individually priced

Three tier cake – 6″, 8″ and 10″, without flowers


This style works well in three tier and four tier. Columns were added to support the fourth tier to give the cake added height and impact.

The cakes were covered in white sugar paste before hand cut pastel flowers were individually applied. The examples here are strewn with pastel shades in the style of the classic Chanel Cake, but other colour combinations work just as well.

Bridal Rose

Three tier stacked wedding cake with simple ribbon trim. Fresh flowers were used in this instance to tie in with the overall wedding theme. However, hand crafted sugar flowers can also be used, which can then be kept as a keepsake.

Hand crafted sugar paste sprays individually priced.


A five tier stacked wedding cake, each tier finished with hand-piping.

Hand crafted sugar paste flowers are individually applied in a cascade down all five tiers.

Pastel shades are shown here but these can be adapted to your wedding theme.

COVID-19 Statement

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